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~New Publisher ~

~ New Publisher~

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Writing was my first love and continues to be my constant companion.  Even though it would have been my preference I couldn’t dedicate myself to writing in years past in the same way that I do now.  Still I managed to publish articles in our local newspaper, was recognized for short stories that were published by my university, wrote, rewrote and published a family cookbook, and received the 1998 Coveted Dead Bird Award for ‘Best Title’ from the Sister's in Crime Association.  


I've earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Master of Science degree in Counseling and continue to practice as a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in anxiety, grief and loss.


Non-fiction books:

Because of my commitment to healing I've published two non-fiction books based in my background, education, training and experience. I wrote these books to ensure that everyone has inexpensive professional access to mental healthcare.


Inner Awakenings Navigating the Emotional Black Hole Inside - A Therapeutic Workbook. This step-by-step guide was designed to help readers become their own emotional detective.  By practicing the skills and techniques provided throughout these pages readers are empowered to heal through personal awareness, understanding and acceptance.


Preparing for the Journey Home.  This book was written for those in poor health, those with a terminal diagnosis, caregivers in need of support, or those who just want to be prepared for the inevitable end that awaits us all.



While I continue to provide mental health services and  write non-fiction books to help as many people as possible,  my passion is writing fiction.  My preferred genres include: psychological thrillers, mystery, suspense and fantasy.   


In addition   I’ve earned a Criminal Justice Counseling Specialist Certificate of Advanced Study to increase the believability of my novels.  With this specialized education along with the knowledge I've gained from experienced officers and investigators, I can write the types of novels we all love to read.


Fiction Novels:

I am excited to announce that my first novel Filling in the Blanks, currently in production with Pegasus Publishing, will be released in early   2024.  Two sequels will follow; Beating the Clock (in process), and The Cradle Rocks Empty (to follow).



Ask for a copy at your local bookstores or online vendors!

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